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This started life as a simple little doodle and went from there. As such, there is much about the picture that I’m unhappy with. At least it shows that I’ve been doing something and not just being an idle bastard! The face in the pic is that of my son Harry who, it must be said, doesn’t have tentacles growing out of his head.

The CSDb entry can be found here.

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I've drawn a cow


Wouldn’t you know what… I’ve only gone and drawn a bloody cow! After a 13 year absence from the scene, I’ve started playing around with those odd-shaped pixels again! You can download a 64 prg file here. There’s an entry here on CSDb for it too.

This the the first piece of pixelling for such a long time but it wasn’t long before all those latent techniques started to come back to me. Having browsed some of the latest graphic releases on CSDb I am more than aware that things have come on a long way and my rather mediocre skills needed some updating.

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