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Unfinished works

Unfinished Works

Here’s a small collection of demo parts that never made it to a release. I found these on my collection of old 5.25” floppies. There’s more stuff on my Commodore 64 discs, but either the disks are damaged from being inappropriately stored for so long or I can’t remember what I was thinking back in the late 80’s/90’s when I started putting these demo parts together. These parts actually run!

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My Crap Game Competition entry

Sheep Toss Screenshot

Here’s my 2006 Crap Game Competition entry “Sheep Toss”. It’s the first piece of coding I’ve released since I put Paradise’91 together while staying at Deek’s house in Glasgow.

I had lots of plans for this game, including power-ups, extra health, the effect of wind, even killer sheep poo! However, there was a competition deadline which mean that having left everything to the last minute as usual, I didn’t have time to add any of the “fun stuff!”

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