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Unfinished works

Unfinished Works

Here’s a small collection of demo parts that never made it to a release. I found these on my collection of old 5.25” floppies. There’s more stuff on my Commodore 64 discs, but either the disks are damaged from being inappropriately stored for so long or I can’t remember what I was thinking back in the late 80’s/90’s when I started putting these demo parts together. These parts actually run!


Rotation demo part previewRotation – This was an interesting little experiment that never saw the light of day (which is a bit of a shame as I remember it took me a little while to do.) It’s very unfinished, but a reasonable start at a char plot routine, and despite it’s flaws I remember being quite proud with how it came out. (I’m not sure how Deek felt when I asked him for yet more music for a demo part that never saw the light of day!)

Crusty Wolloper

Crusty Walloper ScreenshotCrusty Wolloper – This is a perfect example of what can happen on a boring weekend! One of the many visits to Falcon’s place and we end up digitising my silly mug. This was the pre-cursor to the likes of the digi-guitar part of Paradise’91 and the Vibrants ZZAP! demo.

Early Demo Preview

Early demo previewEarly Demo Preview – This simple demo part is an early example of something I did just after joining Genesis Project. I can’t remember if it was ever used although I’m sure that the picture of woman was used somewhere or other!

Follow Me

Follow Me - unused demo graphicsFollow Me – This is an little animation test for some graphics I did for a demo that Falcon was doing. The jaw of the skeleton is animated. Looking at it now, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I was doing the background. I really don’t think it works very well and I’m sure it was another case of rushing to get something done rather than doing it properly.

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